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23rd May, 4PM LIVE on ZOOM

What will you learn?

Why just scribble your thoughts when you can write a great poem? If you think poetry is just another way to express yourself then this workshop is for you!

Because here you will understand how a good poem can change the way you and your readers look at the world.

Join this workshop and learn:

  • Reading and Understanding poems
  • Different techniques of writing poetry
  • Converting abstract to concrete terminologies
  • Khayal building for enhancing your poems
  • Overcoming writer’s block


I really want to appreciate and thank Husain for being such a wonderful guide. The way he was interacting with students, his way of teaching and making learning so interesting and explaining everything was outstanding.

Jui Patil

Absolutely loved the energy and the zeal Husain had in explaining the concepts. Totally appreciate his patience in dealing with the bombardment of questions and loved how every question was answered with an appropriate example that gave more clarity.

Divya Singh


2 hours

23rd May, 4PM on Zoom

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    Know Your Mentor

    Husain Rasheed

    Husain Rasheed

    Husain Rasheed is an award winning poet recognized by the Government of India for his work towards literature. He is the only dastango in central India, known for the Urdu storytelling performance art – DASTANGOI.