Unleash the artist in you

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What is April for Artist?

Dark Room Poets has launched its flagship product Unboxing Art, an art education platform hence the joyous team brings you an Art Festival called “April For Artist”. It aims to create awareness about the diversity of artistic expression. This 6 workshop series is spread across the month, aiming towards unleashing the artist within you.

22nd April | 8:30PM | Zoom

Learn Screenwriting

Learn Screenwriting

  • What is screenwriting?

  • Creating logline & synopsis

  • 3 act story arc & dialogues

  • Script format & grammar

24th April | 6PM | Zoom

Learn Art Journaling

Learn Art Journaling

  • Introduction to Art Journaling

  • Creative Outlining Formats

  • Designing With A Theme In Mind

  • Techniques of Documenting

24th April | 8PM | Zoom

Learn Mandala Art

Learn Mandala Art

  • Introduction to Mandala Art

  • Making Outlines of a Mandala

  • Designing using a Fine Tip Marker

  • Exploring Mandala Patterns

25th April | 11AM | Zoom


Learn Micro-Fiction Writing

  • Brainstorming for an Idea

  • Different Styles of Microfictions

  • World-Building & Narration

  • Storyboarding & Penning it Down

25th April | 5PM | Zoom

Learn Hip Hop & Rapping

Learn Hip Hop & Rapping

  • Introduction to Rap & HipHop

  • Structure of Rap & Wordplay

  • Working on Lyrics & BPM

  • Building Your Career

2nd May | 2PM | Zoom

Learn the art of Dastangoi

Learn the art of Dastangoi

  • Introduction to Dastangoi

  • Writing/Performing Stories

  • Engulfing Your Audience

  • Monetizing Your Artform

Mini Creator Bundle

Too much art to handle? Choose any 5 from the above.

Get the Mini Creator Bundle at Rs. 1500 Rs. 1000/-

*excluding Faux Calligraphy

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